Why you should make a will

Not got around to making a will yet? Take some comfort in the knowledge you are not on your own. We’re astounded at Attwood & Co at the amount of people that haven’t prepared wills, they put it to the back of their mind and sadly, for some, they never get the opportunity to perform this simple process. Please don’t make this mistake. Prepare your will now and make it easier for your loved ones. If you’re unsure whether you need a will read our reasons on why making a will is such a good idea.

You choose your beneficiaries – Make a will and you state who gets what and what goes where. Wills remove the grey areas, you clearly outline who inherits and how much they inherit as well.

You know who is acting on your behalf – When you make a will you can outline who you want to deal with your estate. This can be a solicitor, member of the family or a friend that you trust and know will respect your final wishes and handle your wishes accordingly.

It’s less trouble for loved ones – Clearly define everything in black and white and that’s one less thing for your relatives to worry about. The chances are they’ll be struggling to come to terms with your death and the last thing they want to worry about is dealing with your estate.

It solves disputes – Neglect to leave a will and this might cause arguments within the family. Make a will and people are made aware of your last wishes, hopefully this should resolve any problems.

Your children are cared for – A will ensures your children are looked after in the event of a sudden death. You can appoint their guardians, use the will to protect their financial future and leave this world knowing your most precious loved ones are being taken care of.

Feel like a making a will? Give us a call at Atwood and we’ll keep things simple.