Sold Your Home? What to Do Next

For many of us, selling our home can be one of the most trying periods of our lives. As an afterthought, have you ever considered what you need to do after you’ve sold you home? Here is a practical guide explaining what you should be doing after you’ve sold your home.

Make Sure the Paperwork is in Order  

DON’T immediately shred all the paperwork that you have concerning the sale of your home. You may need it again. Your solicitors will have copies of all relevant documentation, however as responsible homeowners, you too should have all necessary paperwork.

Additionally, there may be some documents that the new homeowners will need. Whether such documents are appliance instructions or details, how to operate the alarm, or even the dates that the window cleaner comes, all information is essential to pass on to the new homeowners.

Make Sure You Have a Roof over Your Head

On occasion, those intending to purchase your home may ask to move in quickly – faster than you anticipated. If this is the case you should always make sure that you’re prepared. If you need to arrange to stay with friends or relatives, or for a short-term property lease, this should be organised well in advance of the official moving out date.

Put Your Belongings into Storage

Most of us accumulate a wealth of belongings throughout our duration staying in a property. If your move is imminent and the removals van, you’ve organised only has a capacity for essentials, furniture et al, it may be a wise decision to put some belongings into storage. For a nominal fee, you may well be saving yourself much hassle.

Re-Evaluate Your Personal Finances

In a large percentage of situations, moving home has a substantial impact on our finances. Whether you’re downsizing or are taking a large mortgage for the property of your dreams, you will have a period where it would be wise to reign in your spending and put that holiday to The Maldives on hold for a while.

Change of Address

Once you’re comfortable in your new home it’s important to let important parties know of your new address. The Royal Mail will re-direct your post for a period of three, six or twelve months for a fee, but it’s paramount that all financial, professional and personal contacts know that you no longer reside at your previous address.

These are just a few of the necessities that need to be taken care of after you’ve moved home. Be organised and diligent and you’ll be able to fully enjoy your new home.