Transparency & Pricing

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) require all Solicitors to be transparent regarding the services they offer and the charges made for said services. Attwood & Co support this directive and believe all clients using our services, or considering using our services, should be fully aware of the costs involved.

You will, at all times, be kept fully informed of the charges for your matter. Should additional costs be necessary you will, whenever possible, by kept aware and we will seek your approval.

Probate & Estate Administration

With all matters our charges will depend on the amount of work we undertaken. All Probate matters are different and will differ in complexity.

Our Fees

Our hourly rate is £210.00 plus VAT. Before you formally instruct us you will be provided with an estimate of our charges and given an idea as to the time the matter will take to complete. Our rates will not change during the course of your matter.

Dependant upon the size of the estate and work involved, there may be additional fees. You will be advised of all fees from the outset.

Time Scales

  • Obtaining the Grant of Probate will take approximately 4-8 weeks
  • Collecting assets between 4-6 weeks
  • Distribution of assets 2-4 weeks


  • Probate Registry Fee is approximately £155.00, but the Government are likely to announce an increase shortly
  • If advertising is required in a local newspaper they charge approximately £450.00
  • If advertising is required in the London Gazette they charge approximately £95.00
  • Swearing of the Oath per executor up to £10.00 each

Inheritance Tax

If inheritance tax is payable this will usually be estimated during initial consultation with as the value of the overall estate is calculated.

If you would like advice or assistance on any of the above, please call us on 01375 898872 or email