Methods that make moving easier

Where would you put a house move on a scale of one to ten? We’re guessing you’ll be thinking ten right now at Attwood & Co because moving home is one of, if not, the most stressful things you are likely to do in life. Get it wrong and it’s a nightmare, we don’t want you to worry though, our conveyancing team should make things a little easier and this blog might be handy as well.

  • Prepare for the move: Once you have your completion date and you know the day you’ll be moving it’s time to prepare for the big day. At this point you need to decide whether you are going to do the move on your own or bring in the experts to help. It’s your choice but if you can find the money for a removal company this really is the best option to take. Get assistance with the move to ease the strain, you’ll be glad you did when you move out of your old house.
  • Packing: This is one of the hardest parts of the house move. It’s easy to feel overcome by the sheer scale of the packing. Take it easy though, start to pack non-essential items away a couple of weeks before you move, invest in good packing materials and see if your removal company provides a packing service. That will make things a whole lot easier.
  • Create a checklist for the move: Get organised at the start and draw up a list of everything you need to do. This can include things like calling a removal company, packing, sourcing storage space if needs be and contacting utility companies too.
  • Clear out junk: Moving home gives you the opportunity to clear out the clutter from your life. Before you pack anything away think about whether you really need the item, or try to remember the last time you used it, if it’s been a while take it to the tip.
  • Treat yourself to a takeaway! You’ll be tired on the first night in your new home so the last thing you’ll feel like doing is preparing a meal. Order a takeaway instead, hopefully the home’s previous owners will have left you a welcome pack filled with useful information and that might contain a menu for the local fast food shops.