Getting planning permission: what you need to know

You have big dreams for your home. You’re going to make some incredible improvements. Extensions, garden renovations, add a garage – you’re really going to turn your home into a castle.

But before you go ahead with these improvements, you need to make sure you have planning permission.

Here’s our rundown on obtaining the permissions you need to transform your home.

Get permission first

You shouldn’t start any major work on your property until you have figured out what planning permission, if any, is needed, and that it’s obtained. Trying to get planning permission after you’ve started work isn’t a risk worth taking. You’re running the risk of having your home improvements halted if you don’t manage to get permissions.

Know your building regulations

In some cases, even if you don’t require planning permission, there may be building regulations approval necessary. These are in place to set out requirements for things like fire safety, energy efficiency, and ventilations.

Design with the existing style in mind

You may have some grand ideas for your extension, but be aware that any style radically different from the current property will struggle to get planning permission.

Try and stick similar designs and use the same materials that exist on your current property.

Cover all your bases

You can submit as many applications as you like, so it may be a good idea to send a few proposals and choose which one is best depending on the outcome.

Remember though, each proposal will cost. So don’t get ahead of yourself and send over ten.

Know your neighbours

It’s a good idea to inform all of your neighbours of your proposed plans. Their objections can have a serious impact on the final decision, and if they don’t agree, there’s a good chance you won’t obtain the permission you want.

Employ help

There are professionals out there who can help you make sure that you have done everything required when it comes to obtaining planning permission.

So if you’re unsure, look their way.