Funding Your Case

When any case starts you will be advised in writing as to an estimate of the fees involved. We will bill for work done usually on a monthly basis to ensure you are kept aware of costs incurred so far. Invoices are settled by cheque or by credit/debit card, of which we make no additional charge.

We offer a variety of funding options set out below:

Pay as you go

We will ask for payment on account of costs when a case begins. Provided payments are made promptly we will continue work on your case.

Monthly Budget Account

• This works in the same way that many people use to pay for utilities such as electricity or gas.
• We agree a fixed monthly payment with you which we automatically debit from a card on a set day each month or you arrange a Standing Order on a set day each month.
• You will receive a monthly statement and bill. Throughout the duration of your matter your account may swing from credit to debit and vice versa as some months more work will be required than others.
• The monthly figure is determined by the estimated cost and duration of your matter. You may be asked initially for a larger sum in the first month if the matter is going to be fast moving.
• You will receive a discount on your fees.

Monthly Payment in Full by card

• We produce a bill each month and take full payment from a card provided by you.
• You will receive a substantial discount on your fees.

Payment On Account

• You provide us with monies upon request which are held on our Client Account.
• We raise a bill each month and debit this from the amount we are holding for you.

For further information on any of our funding options please contact our business manager Matthew Attwood on or call 01375 898870.