Easy Ways To Boost Office Morale

Many office disputes arise due to poor office morale. When employees feel undervalued they can start to question the attitudes of the business. Boosting office morale takes on a number of different forms, and even the little things can make a big difference. At Attwood & Co Solicitors we recommend placing employees first in order to gain a more positive working environment.


Celebrate accomplishments

One of the most important ways of boosting office morale is to celebrate accomplishments. Recognising the achievements of individual employees or the company on a larger scale brings worth to the company. If people do a good job then publicly applaud and congratulate them. People are far more likely to excel when they feel valued and respected for the work they do for a company. Depending on the achievement the reward could be anything from propelling in a bonus scheme to a night out.


Offer training and career progression

If employees feel that their career has no chance of going further it can be incredibly demotivating. Don’t underestimate the power of learning.  Offering training and clear career progression will give employees something to work towards. Not only is training great for them, it is also good for the company as the more a person knows on a specific topic, the more able they are. Having experts within your team can increase the productivity of a company and its reputation.


Recognise special events for individual employees

It doesn’t take much to recognise certain special events in the lives of individual employees. No matter what the size of your company, noting employee birthdays, weddings or births for example really helps to make employees feel valued. Whether it’s sending round an email to the office, getting a greeting card for everyone to sign, buying a round of coffee in the morning, or going all the way with a party after work, it helps bring smiles to people’s faces.


Make the workplace comfortable

Something as small as the environment employees work in can have a big impact on the general office mood. A comfortable environment can set employees more at ease, helping them to enjoy what they are doing. Simple adjustments such as comfier chairs, fun desk lamps, and a lick of paint on the walls can instantly brighten up an office, taking away the sterile corporate feel. Depending on the company you may even choose to hang up funny pictures of your employees on the wall to raise a laugh.


Allow conversation to flow

Working in a busy environment that has little time for fun can take away the enjoyment of work for employees. An office that freely allows employees to talk develops all kinds of team building and communication skills. Cutting off this interaction can make employees feel very separated and isolated. Even in a call centre environment conversation amongst employees can still happen. Ten minute breaks away from the telephones should be encouraged to give people a bit of a breather.


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