Why you need a professional to help write your will

The internet is full of almost anything you could ask for. Whilst it can help you with a lot of DIY tasks, there are some things that still require professional help – will writing is an example.

There are many will writing tools available online, however none of them can promise you a final will that is free of mistakes and potential problems. Here’s why you shouldn’t risk doing it yourself and get some professional assistance Continue reading

Essential Information on Contesting a Will

Often, Wills are written late in a person’s life, or at a time when they really lacked the mental capacity to do so. This means that relatives may want to dispute a Will; especially if they have been left out of their loved ones Will or they feel it doesn’t reflect their true intentions. Alternatively, some may wish to claim that an asset included in the estate is theirs, or the Will doesn’t reflect a promise that had been made. Continue reading