What does the law say about school attendance?

Education should be considered an essential part of any child’s upbringing as it gives them the best start in life, which is exactly why regular school attendance is so important.

The law states that it is the parents’ responsibility that their children receive full-time education from Reception through to Year 11, following GCSE exams. This law was created to promote literacy levels in the country, and to diminish poverty and child labour in future generations. Continue reading

Pros and Cons to DIY Divorces

With Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s pending divorce dominating the headlines this week, we decided to take a look at DIY divorces; what it means, and the pros and cons of it. Sometimes divorces are just inevitable, in times like this the first thing that needs to be done is to communicate your feelings with your spouse effectively and make sure that a divorce is the only and appropriate next step. Continue reading

How to Start Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is an unhappy but sometimes necessary part of life. If you’ve been married for at least one year and your relationship has permanently broken down, divorce is often the answer to your problems. As well as being married for a year, your marriage needs to be recognised in the UK and you need to permanently live in either England or Wales. Continue reading

Fundamental Differences between Ordinary and Lasting Power of Attorney

There are many reasons why you may need to have someone else to make your decisions or act on your behalf. It may be temporary, for example if you’re in hospital and you need somebody to help you with your day to day activities. On the other hand, you may be making long term plans for circumstances such as being diagnosed with dementia. There are two different types of power of attorney that will be able to meet your needs: ordinary and lasting. Continue reading