The most common personal injury claims

Here at Attwood & Co one of our specialist areas is personal injury claims. Each year, thousands of people throughout the UK attempt to claim compensation from their employer due to injuries that have occurred in the workplace. However as an employer it can be difficult to know when you should be paying out for a genuine injury, and when the claimant is faking their injury or making it out to be much worse than it is. Continue reading

How to Start Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is an unhappy but sometimes necessary part of life. If you’ve been married for at least one year and your relationship has permanently broken down, divorce is often the answer to your problems. As well as being married for a year, your marriage needs to be recognised in the UK and you need to permanently live in either England or Wales. Continue reading

Fundamental Differences between Ordinary and Lasting Power of Attorney

There are many reasons why you may need to have someone else to make your decisions or act on your behalf. It may be temporary, for example if you’re in hospital and you need somebody to help you with your day to day activities. On the other hand, you may be making long term plans for circumstances such as being diagnosed with dementia. There are two different types of power of attorney that will be able to meet your needs: ordinary and lasting. Continue reading

Minimise the Effects of Divorce on Your Children

Divorce can make parenting a difficult task, with parents finding it difficult to understand what their children really think and feel. With divorce often considered the second biggest stress in life, after death of a spouse, it can be difficult for parents to focus on parenting, especially when you’re dealing with raw and painful emotions and grieving the end of a marriage. Ongoing conflict and drawn out legal battles can make it even more difficult to focus on the needs of your children, but there are ways in which you can focus on your child’s emotional needs to minimise problems later in life. Continue reading

Essential Information on Contesting a Will

Often, Wills are written late in a person’s life, or at a time when they really lacked the mental capacity to do so. This means that relatives may want to dispute a Will; especially if they have been left out of their loved ones Will or they feel it doesn’t reflect their true intentions. Alternatively, some may wish to claim that an asset included in the estate is theirs, or the Will doesn’t reflect a promise that had been made. Continue reading

How to Complete a Transfer of Equity

A transfer of equity typically takes place where a couple who jointly own a property separate, or when a couple transfer a property from one of their names into both names. As long as there is one legal owner and no more than four, as many parties can be involved in the transfer of equity as is necessary. As the name suggests, a transfer of equity is essentially a gift which involves property changing ownership without money or money’s worth being paid to the outgoing owner. This includes the transfer of equity where the individual who parts with the property (or part of the property) receives no payment. Continue reading

Five things to check before signing your tenancy agreement

Your tenancy agreement is much more than just a piece of paper. It’s a legally binding contract that you and the landlord have to adhere to for the duration of your tenancy. That’s why you should make sure that everything is in order before putting pen to paper.

To help make sure that you know everything’s good to go, here are five questions you should check before signing your tenancy agreement. Continue reading

How to deal with a problem landlord

If you’re renting a house or flat, then you’re at the whim of your landlord. In nearly all cases, this isn’t a problem. Landlords often understand the needs of tenant and respect their privacy, as long as the tenant abides by the rules stated in the contract.

There are however, a few landlords that are just difficult, no matter how much you have adhered to the contract you signed. Here we are going to look at a few ways that you can deal with a difficult landlord. Continue reading