5 tips to help with conveyancing

Conveyancing is one of our specialties at Attwood & Co we aim to take the stress out of the situation for our customers. We think our conveyancing team is one of the best in the industry and this article provides a few handy hints for anyone that is looking to buy a house in the future.

  • Set up a realistic timescale: Patience is everything when you are buying a house, most of the time there’ll be a chain involved and there could be a number of links holding this chain together. We aim to get you into your home as soon as possible but the average length of time it takes to complete a house purchase is 3 months so please allow for this when you are first starting to look at properties.
  • Be prepared for knockbacks: A housing chain is a fragile thing and people can pull out of the process at any time. Buyers get cold feet so prepare yourself for the odd setback and it’ll be less of a shock when you receive bad news.
  • Look for hidden fees: Ask your conveyancing team about the costs involved, make sure you get a fixed quote up front for any work they do on your behalf. Some firms charge extra for writing letters, sending emails and they’ll even charge you for photocopying! We offer a fixed price promise at Attwood & Co, the price we quote is the price you pay.
  • Be flexible with moving dates: To avoid problems with the chain try to be as flexible as you can with moving in dates. Don’t set anything in stone, suggest a few dates and make sure everyone is ready to exchange and good to move before you ring a removal firm.
  • Avoid DIY conveyancing: Technically there’s no reason why you couldn’t do your own conveyancing but it’ll take you much longer, there’ll be numerous obstacles to overcome and it’ll just add pressure to the move. Leave it to the experts instead, call our legal team at Attwood & Co and ease the stresses of buying a house.